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Performance and Lameness Assessments

From decades of working with a wide variety of horses every day, I have slowly formed a continually evolving affinity with these amazing athletes.

The cornerstone behind my relationship with the horses that I come into contact with, is my firm belief that there are very few genuinely “naughty” horses.

Horses that are being difficult in training, in almost all cases have a reason for not performing in the way that is expected of them. The concept of “ride them through it” is in my opinion, archaic and based on ignorance.

It is my aim to identify what the cause of discomfort, imbalance or physical blocking is, before they break down or become irreversibly damaged. Then to help put in place a treatment and management plan, so that they are more comfortable in their work and their owner/rider/trainer can hopefully achieve the outcomes dreamed of.

This requires a completely holistic and systematic approach.

These consultations are usually conducted in a step by step process. Initially collecting as much history as possible, conducting a thorough physical examination and then assessing the horse’s locomotion. This may be repeated under saddle (if applicable), followed by diagnostics as required. At each step the aim is to work with you, so that we get as much real information as possible to help us find answers and achieve outcomes that align with your expectations and needs.

Professional Horse Care

Horse owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.

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